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Blockchain as a tool for freedom of expression: Post2020 case

Post2020 is the first Blockchain-based media to emerge during the early days of the Coronavirus confinement in Spain, under the name CovidNews. But its creators, among whom are several journalists and university professors of Journalism and Communication, decided to change its name to Post2020.

It is the first newspaper in blockchain technology in Spanish, which is written by Hispanic journalists. It also has the collaboration of more than 40 journalists from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba, Peru and Spain. It is the first decentralized newsroom in the world.

Julián Rendón, is its Director, who is an experienced journalist who has worked, among other places, in El Diario de Pereira; in RCN Radio, Caracol Radio and W Radio, the three most important radio networks in Colombia. He also conducted a program on Televisión 3X3, a program on the Señal Colombia channel.

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COVID-19 affected journalism
The profound changes that the Covid-19 pandemic is leaving behind in society and the economy led the channel’s creators to opt for a publication with a view to a future in which research and reflection, dissemination and specialisation fit in, and, in short, a way of telling things where authors, informants and receivers walk together.

Post2020 is an online channel or space based on the blockchain, where content is published and can be rewarded with a reward or token, depending on the number of visits to the publication.

Bitcoin name and logo registered at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

The media evolves
Thanks to the block chain technology, Post2020, you can know and monitor exactly how many readers add up to the articles you publish. At the same time, readers will be able to find out who wrote the article they enjoyed and how much they were paid.

It is an MDC that as well as shares the possibility of being financed, by means of the Etoro income obtained according to the readings of its publications. It also offers the remuneration through advertising or paying walls, like some Spanish reference newspapers.

In the case of Post2020, those who want to publish their work on these channels must first register, or be invited, and download a virtual wallet where they will store their tokens, some crypto-currencies called PBQ on, the blockchain platform on which these new information and entertainment spaces are built.

In short, the income does not come only from advertising, but also from the interest that the content of the publications arouses in the readers.

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Remember that global consumption fell to a minimum due to the coronavirus crisis, which has led brands to withdraw advertising from the media, the possibility of obtaining income through other means represents an opportunity for journalists and media. Now, they may have to wait a while until these PBQ crypto-currencies reach a higher value, to exchange them, first for crypto-currencies and then for euros or another currency.